Thesis feature box background color

Ah, but you are here to learn. The heading is simply like a title. Normally, as the heading number gets bigger, the font gets smaller. In WordPress, the H1 heading is typically reserved for the Blog title found in the header or masthead of a page.

Thesis feature box background color

Writing Tweaking Evernote for focused writing By the time you start getting into the writing phase of your thesis, your outline will have evolved quite a bit from what we discussed earlier.

You will now have most these Meta-Sections broken into several chapters, which have lots of sub-sections. I did not need any finer-grained organization for these section of the thesis.

I also ended up adding a new notebook for one of my appendices Appendix Thesis feature box background color. So, as I was getting ready to start writing a specific chapter, I would start a new notebook, titled with the associated chapter number and a working title.

Thesis feature box background color

Ideally you would do this during your weekly planning time and then not have to mess with it too much after that. I found this very helpful because I could easily focus on the sources and notes immediately relevant to what I was writing that day, without being distracted by other topics.

For the most part, this new chapter focused notebook was usually fine-grained enough for me. For a couple of chapters though, this was not quite enough because I would be using a single reference for several different parts of the chapter. In these cases, Evernote Tags came to the rescue.

Because Evernote is so good at searching, I did not really use tags that often, but for a few chapters I created sub-section specific tags that I could attach to notes so that I could filter the notebook to only show the specific material for the sub-section I was currently working on.

When it was time to sit down and write, I now had Evernote tweaked and dialed in to help me only see what I needed to see to be able to write what I needed to write at that specific time.

Aside from having everything I needed for my thesis organized in one place, accessible at all times, there is one final thing I loved about using Evernote for this. When I was at my primary desk, I could easily open Scrivener on my primary display, and Evernote on my secondary display and see everything I need without flipping around between windows.

In these situations, I could open Evernote on my iPad and get very close to the same effect. You have done your weekly planning, so you have an idea of what you need to focus on.

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You have checked your calendar, so you know what kind of time you have and you know what chapter you are focusing on this week. Time to get to work. Grab your most recent outline. Fire up Evernote and open the corresponding notebook for the chapter you are working on.

Close all folders except the chapter folder you are working in this week. Use your outline as a template and start creating new documents in your chapter folder for all your topics, ideas, concepts, subtopics, and other nuggets you think should be here.

Start copying and pasting notes, quotes, and what ever else you need in to these new documents. Split things, combine things, push things around to bring structure and organization to the chapter.

Start filling in the gaps. Explain bullet points so that they become sentences and paragraphs. If you get stuck. What color is your status bar? Still red, orange, or yellow? Move to a different section or idea in your chapter and write on that for a while.

You have a choice to make. You can switch to another idea in the chapter and keep writing because you still feel good about writing.

Or you can call it a day and go get a beer. Do not check your word count progress. Do not stop writing. Hit Command S and keep writing.

Because you are using a digital calendar, if you are doing it right, eventually an alarm will go off letting you know that you need to move onto something else in your day. Open your target window an check your progress.

This is awesome because it lowers the bar for the chapters that you will really struggle with. Take a breath, pat yourself on the back, and shut your software down knowing you had a great thesis day. If that bar is not green yet, open your calendar and schedule another hour or two later in the day if you can to finish up.Feb 23,  · Chart Feature List This page describes all the features and parameters supported by the Chart API.

Some of these parameters behave differently depending on the chart type; when that is the case, the documentation links to the appropriate chart documentation.

Thesis feature box background color

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Thesis - Improving safety for home care patients with a low cost computer vision solution. The world has a problem: hospitals are filling up. That is why elderly people need to live longer at home. This legacy version of Notes Writer is only for iOS 9 and 10 users.

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