The issues of living with a roommate at bloomsburg university

By Ryan Thomas 1. This crew goes above and beyond in making sure that your stay is as painless as possible. Having trouble with your washer or dryer?

The issues of living with a roommate at bloomsburg university

Here you will find details on the options you have available to you for dining on campus.

Residence Life | Bloomsburg University

You can also visit the Dining Services website for up-to-date menus and information. Understanding Meal Plans What's it all about? Residence Hall students are required to have a meal plan.

Meal Plans There are four "Traditional" and three "Block" plans available each fall and spring semester. The traditional meal plans offer 19, 14, 10, or 5 meals per week.

The block meal plans offeror 75 meals per semester. Students may opt to increase a weekly meal plan at anytime. All meal plans renew themselves between the fall and spring semester unless modifications are made prior to the end of the first week of the spring semester.

Meal plans are billed on a semester basis. There are no adjustments made in price or meals as a result of the University closing for planned or un-planned events. Traditional Plans Students may eat three meals out of the four meal zones offered Monday through Friday two out of the three zones offered Saturday and Sunday: Students living in lower campus residence halls must opt for a 19, 14 or 10 or Block, explained below meal plan only.

Meal plans reset each Monday for Breakfast and run through late night on Sunday. Meals not consumed during the week do not carry over to the next week. Each traditional meal plan has ten 10 guest meals per semester associated with it.

The issues of living with a roommate at bloomsburg university

They can be used to redeem a meal, from the plans available balance, at any food service location that offers all-you-care to eat or Cash Equivalency for a friend or relative. Block Plans Block meal plans can be redeemed throughout each fall and spring academic semester.

Students can redeem meals at the pace they set with minor restrictions. Each Block meal plan has five 5 guest meals per semester associated with it. There is no reimbursement for any unused meals left over at the end of the semester.

Cash Equivalency Is an enhancement to meal plans that provides students with ability to use their meal plan in locations other than the Scranton Commons. However, it was not designed to replace the main dining program offered in the Scranton Commons.

Cash Equivalency is a cash amount that is credited towards the purchase of food items in the Husky Lounge, Italian Kitchen, and Monty's. A "meal" is deducted from a student's meal plan balance and a cash equivalent value is applied toward the total cost of items purchased.

Each of the three facilities mentioned that have Cash Equivalency also offer "Meal Exchange" which are full meals that only require the redemption of one meal from a student's meal plan balance. There is no reimbursement or crediting of any cash equivalent amount that is in excess of the item s purchased.

FLEX can be used in many ways, for example: It can be used for a special food items offered at any of the campus dining facilities, or to purchase a gift basket or birthday cake for someone special. The FLEX-ibility is yours. Off campus or upper campus students can opt to have a FLEX-only plan. FLEX dollars are only available during the fall and spring semesters of each year.

Any remaining FLEX dollars automatically carry over from the fall to the spring semester each academic year.

However, any remaining FLEX dollars at the end of each spring semester are forfeited completely if not used. FLEX dollars must be spent within the academic year that they are posted and cannot be used to "pre-pay" for an event or services or be exchanged for any type of gift certificate.

BU Bucks can also be given as a gift card. BU Bucks are available year-round and carries forward from semester to semester.

The issues of living with a roommate at bloomsburg university

Husky Gold Husky Gold is a single declining balance, multipurpose fund used on Bloomsburg University's campus that facilitates cashless commerce transactions for users and merchants who participate in the program.

Husky Gold is available to any Bloomsburg University community member who is provided an Active Directory account by the University's Office of Technology. Husky Gold is available year-round and carries forward from semester to semester.

Husky Gold is accepted at all campus dining facilities. Personal conduct should not be offensive or obtrusive to others. Language and dress should be appropriate for dining in a public area. Vulgarities are not acceptable.Presented below is an unfortunate tabulation of deaths where alcohol use by college students was the cause or a contributing factor, all occurring since Six thousand, five hundred and twenty-one days: That’s how long I’d been living with my son when he left home for college.

I’d spooned applesauce into his gummy mouth when he was a baby. I’d watched him wobble down the street on training wheels when he was a preschooler. I’d learned to. Biographies (Bios are in Alphabetical Order; Click Picture to Enlarge) Barry Abrams Barry Abrams in Saigon, at left, with his good friend, John Mikesch; then Barry in later life in Paris.

learn that your assigned roommate will not be attending Bloomsburg University. Please check MyHousing because your roommate is no longer living on campus. If your roommate (who you selected during the HOST assignments were made.

Similarly, if you entered any medical issues that affect your housing needs, we may not be.


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