The importance and economic benefits of cross border government barrowing

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The importance and economic benefits of cross border government barrowing

I have been interested in economic development for several years and have been a research assistant for professors studying economic development for over a year.

I have read every book and taken every class at the University of Delaware on the topic. Recently, I became excited about a new movement in economic development: I was interested to see whether business incubators and their clients on the ground in Addis Ababa and Kampala were finding their services transformative.

My research partner, Eric Albers, and I went to Ethiopia first. We stayed with a wonderful woman and entrepreneur, Tigist Tagene. She owns the second-largest coffee roastery in Addis and she was able to give us insight into how differently she is treated by the government because she is a female business owner.

The biggest takeaway was how little business knowledge many entrepreneurs had before they enrolled in the incubation programs. I was impressed by the entrepreneurs ambition and commitment, as well as the variety of ventures they were involved in. I also saw that because of a lack of resources meant that only a few entrepreneurs could participate in the incubator programs that helped them succeed.

In Uganda, we saw the same patterns. We also saw that a lack of infrastructure hurt Ugandan entrepreneurs more than Ethiopian entrepreneurs.

Several business incubators told us that their most important service to business owners was providing a stable Internet connection. While in Uganda, we had the opportunity to take a couple of trips.

We went to the Social Innovation Academy outside of Kampala, which takes youth aging out of orphanages and provides them with a place to live and helps them develop their own socially minded enterprise.

We also went to an orphanage on the coast of Lake Victoria that is trying to become financially self-sustaining by starting agriculture projects. I was amazed by the kindness and generosity of the people involved in these organizations as well as how important entrepreneurship was to the survival of their organizations.

My trip this summer gave me insight into the personal lives and struggles of dozens of East African entrepreneurs and business incubators.

As I return to my job at UD researching economic development, I feel that I have so much more knowledge of the context in which I am working. Researching anything from half a world away makes it difficult to truly understand the feelings, motivations, and difficulties of the people the research is intended to help.

Thanks to the Honors Enrichment Award, I understand entrepreneurship in East Africa on a personal level and I feel more prepared and enthusiastic to begin a career in economic development.

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Even from the time I was in high school, I was interested in development work. I began to read all of the research by top development economists and soon wanted to pursue my own research on a related topic.

I always struggled to find a topic that I was particularly interested in, however. Then I became involved in a start-up non-profit called Lazarus Rising.

Through this opportunity my team and I went through a lot of business-incubator type programs. At the same time, I started an internship at a venture capital fund in Wilmington. After just a small amount of research I realized that entrepreneurs in the developing world struggle even more with these problems.

Furthermore, business incubators and financing intuitions were just entering the African market. Anna and I first traveled to Ethiopia. Our primary contact was an angel investing network. This network had just started investing in Ethiopia several years ago and still had not made any exits or realized any financial returns yet.

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We also worked with several of the businesses that this angel network had invested in. The equity investment that was made had an incredible impact on all of the portfolio companies and allowed them to scale to relatively large sizes. We also worked with several business incubators in Ethiopia as well as the businesses that had gone through these programs.

One of the coolest organizations that we worked with was the United Nations Development Program business incubator. This publicly funded incubator had trained thousands of entrepreneurs, from small shop owners to emerging tech companies.ՖՖ To familiarize with the students the importance of economic and Government - Public-Private Participation (PPP) - Industrial Finance Foreign Direct Investment(FDIs).

The importance and economic benefits of cross border government barrowing

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Cross Border Government Borrowing and Development Potential The purpose of this paper is to discuss the importance of cross border government borrowing, and explain the economic benefits that it provides.

Cross border government borrowing is good for the global economy. I .

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