No way out

It is the seventy-sixth episode of the series overall.

No way out

Plot[ edit ] Dr. Luther Brooks Sidney Poitieran intern who has just passed the state board examination to qualify for his license to practice, is the first African-American doctor at the urban county hospital at which he trained.

No way out

Because he lacks self-confidence, Brooks requests to work as a junior resident at the hospital for another year. Johnny Dick Paxton and Ray Biddle Richard Widmarkbrothers who were both shot in the leg by a policeman as they attempted a robbery, are brought to the hospital's prison ward.

As Luther tends to the disoriented Johnny, he is bombarded with racist slurs by Ray, who grew up in Beaver Canal, the white working class section of the city. Believing that Johnny has a brain tumor, Luther administers a spinal tap, but Johnny dies during the procedure. Wondering if Ray's antagonism may have caused him to be careless, Luther consults his mentor, chief medical resident Dr.

Feeling that he must prove the accuracy of his diagnosis, Luther requests an autopsy, but Wharton informs him that according to state law, they cannot proceed without the permission of the deceased's family.

When Ray refuses, as he does not want his brother's body to be cut up, Wharton confers with the head of the hospital, Dr.

Sam Moreland Stanley Ridgesabout requisitioning an autopsy. Moreland, aware that a scandal over the black doctor's actions could endanger funding, denies the request in the hope that the incident will be forgotten. Upon learning from police records that Johnny was married, Wharton and Luther visit his widow, Edie Johnson Linda Darnellwho tells the doctors that she divorced Johnny a year and a half ago, and that she hates his whole family.

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Although she does not reveal it to Wharton, his sympathetic attitude persuades her to visit Ray to ask about the autopsy. Ray tells her, however, that Johnny would be alive if he had had a white doctor, and that Wharton wants to have the autopsy to cover up the truth about Luther's actions.

Edie's racist feelings are revived by Ray, with whom she had committed adultery, and he convinces her that Wharton played her for a "chump", and that she can make up for her past infidelity to Johnny by contacting Beaver Canal club owner Rocky Miller Bert Freed and telling him about Johnny's death.

No way out

Accompanied by Ray's other brother George Harry Bellaverwho is deaf, Edie goes to the club, where Rocky and his pals lay plans to attack the black section of town, which they call "Niggertown".

Although Edie desperately wishes to leave, Rocky forces her to stay. Meanwhile, Luther arrives at the hospital and learns about the upcoming attack from Lefty Jones Dots Johnsona black elevator operator. Luther tries to dissuade Lefty from organizing a counterattack, but Lefty reminds him of a race riot that occurred while Luther was away at school, during which Lefty and his sister were beaten.

Luther then contacts Alderman Tompkins to try to avert the riot, while Lefty and a large group of blacks, including Luther's brother-in-law John Ossie Davisuncreditedmeet and plan their strategy.

Edie watches in disgust as the whites prepare their weapons, but leaves before the blacks surprise the whites by attacking first.

As victims of the riots are brought in to the hospital, Wharton is called in from home. Before he departs, however, a drunken and disheartened Edie arrives at his house, and Wharton leaves her in the care of his black maid, Gladys Amanda Randolph. Although Edie fears that Gladys will harm her because of her connection to the riot, Gladys tenderly cares for her when she collapses.

At the hospital, Luther tends to the victims until a white woman orders him to take his "black hands" off her son. Stunned, Luther walks out, and the next morning, after Wharton returns home to find Edie chatting with Gladys, Luther's wife Cora Mildred Joanne Smith arrives and announces that Luther has given himself up to the police for the murder of Johnny Biddle.

Cora relates that after he left the hospital, Luther realized that the coroner would be forced to conduct an autopsy if he were charged with murder. Wharton assures Cora that he will stand by Luther, and after he leaves with Edie, Cora's stoic demeanor in front of the whites crumbles and she cries in Gladys' arms.

Following the autopsy, the coroner confirms that Johnny died of a brain tumor and that Luther was justified in performing the spinal tap.No Way Out Objectives.

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Help the magisters flush out Owen or help Owen get rid of magisters. No Way Out Walkthrough. Some Magisters are using bombs to try and flush out a man (Owen) from his house in the Blackpits.

They claim he is a Sourcerer who has killed one of their comrades. No Way Out is a black-and-white American film noir directed by Joseph L.

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Mankiewicz, and starring Richard Widmark, Linda Darnell, Stephen McNally and Sidney Poitier, who portrays a doctor tending to slum residents whose ethics are tested when confronted with racism, personified by Richard Widmark as the hateful robber Ray Biddle.

Nov 11,  · No Way Out is the Chocolate Watchband's debut album released at the tail end of the Summer of Love. In between psychedelic instrumentals and studio experimentation (put there by their engineer and producer as filler) are cuts of white hot garage punk that no doubt influenced the Ramones and L.A.

punk bands like the Berlin Brats ten years later/5(10). Enter the terms you wish to search for. Enter the terms you wish to search for. Aug 14,  · "No Way Out" is a superior example of the genre, a film in which a simple situation grows more and more complex until it turns into a nightmare not only for the hero but also for everyone associated with him.4/4.

Author: Peggy Kern Length: 2 hours 38 minutes Lexile® Level: L Bluford High freshman Harold Davis is trapped. Medical bills for his sick grandmother are piling up, and a social worker has threatened to put him in a foster home.

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