How to write art catalog entry

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How to write art catalog entry

History[ edit ] Starting as the idea of the programmer Takahiro Kamitani, who is himself an artist known as Bakotsu on the website, [3] Pixiv was launched on September 10, as a beta test.

When the number of users exceeded 10, only nineteen days after launch, it became difficult for Kamitani to maintain Pixiv on his own, leading him to establish Crooc Inc. While the website was originally only available in Japanese, Chinese was the first additional language offered due to an increasing tendency of international registrants from Taiwan and China ; there is also an increasing number of registrants from the United States and South Korea.

Internationalization of the website continued with the addition of French, Korean, Russian and Thai. Certain European countries with a high number of hits on the website such as Germany and Italy will also be considered.

The management company Crooc was renamed Pixiv Inc. Characteristics[ edit ] A free membership is required in order to browse the website. Pixiv's main concept is for users to submit their own art illustrations, which excludes most forms of photography ; [9] creative writing can also be submitted.

Due to the flexibility of tags, users can start impromptu user-generated participation events where users submit art related to a common specific subject.

Each user has a personal bulletin board system where other users can leave messages. One can also respond to images with another image, known as an "image response". Pixiv differentiates itself from its most notable western counterpart, DeviantArtin that it permits hardcore pornography to be posted on the site, albeit with genitals censored so as to conform with Japanese obscenity laws.

Images such as these, or other images not suitable for children such as grotesque images, are separated from the other content through a filter which can be turned on or off via the user's profile.

The majority of contributions are of animemangaand video game fan artor of original art which resembles these art forms. The website's global policy includes protecting the privacy of all Pixiv users, and refraining from posting others' works, reprinting others' works without permission, and advertising for commerce.

Throughout the year, seasonal events occur, such as tie-ins with the holidays HalloweenChristmasNew Yearsand Tanabata. For a fixed period of time, a section of the website is dedicated to these seasonal submissions, and aspects of the website such as the logo design and star-rating system are altered; for example, the stars are pumpkins during the Halloween-tie in event.

On and thereafter the Tanabata event in mid, prizes are offered by either sponsors or from Pixiv itself for participants in the event whose art proves to be popular with the community. Pixiv has held an event called "Doodle 4 Pixiv", an event inspired by Google 's Doodle4Google competition where participating members take the Pixiv logo and modify it in some way.

Along the same lines, due to the high level of Touhou Project fan art contributions to the website about 3. Top page[ edit ] When the top page of Pixiv is viewed when not logged in, a random selection of the newest highly rated contributions to the website are previewed as thumbnails.

A set of tags from the most recent submissions is shown in a tag cloud under the illustrations. When logged in, six of the newest illustrations are previewed at the top, and several top-three rankings are shown including daily, popular among men, rookie, and original for illustrations, and a daily ranking for written contributions.

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Other rankings not on the top page include weekly, monthly, and popular among women. Tag clouds are displayed, as well as official events and new illustrations from favorited artists.

A random selection of a user's favorite artists, linking to their user pages, can be viewed under the user's profile image on the left. Two links are available to a user to review their past evaluations and comments left on images.

A link to go to the adult version of the top page is available as well, if enabled. User pages[ edit ] On a given user's user page, the user's three most-recent submissions are previewed as thumbnails, along with the user's three most recently bookmarked images, and the three most-recent image responses by the user who responded to another user's submissions.

A selection of a user's favorite artists is available, with links to the full lists of artists divided between "favorite users" and "my picks".Ivan Yakovlevich Bilibin, Russian, () Design for the Costume of Babarikha (the Matchmaker) in Rimsky-Korsakov's Opera 'Tsar Sultan,' The University of Arizona (UA) is the flagship institution in the State of Arizona and offers graduate programs in more than areas of study.

Graduate programs of study are described here in our Graduate Catalog and Program Descriptions. How to Make a Catalogue for Art Gallery Show.

Catalogues are a contemporary way to offer patrons a sneak peak of what art pieces will be on display at an art show. A learning platform with day courses delivered in easy-to-digest emails every morning.

how to write art catalog entry

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American Craft Council Exhibition Catalog Collection: You have to scroll through a list of different types of resources, and exhibition catalogues by time period Art Institute of Chicago: Online Scholarly Catalogs: "Each digital catalogue contains in-depth curatorial and conservation research on the museum’s collection, including high.

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