Flavios home by gordon parks essay help

More Essay Examples on Poverty Rubric His assignment is to highlight the life of an impoverished father, but when he sees Flavio, he knows that he can learn much more about the poverty in the region from this boy. Parks uses a narrative rhetorical strategy to convey the plight of the family.

Flavios home by gordon parks essay help

He is also known for being fiercely against poverty, having to go through it as a child and is one of the best at getting his readers to connect to his articles emotionally. Parks uses Ethos, Pathos, Imagery, and diction to write this article on a little boy named Flavio de Silva living in a favela in impoverished Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Ethos is a literary technique that establishes the credibility of the writer and his work. Gordon Parks would be considered an expert on poverty, considering that he had to live impoverished as a child due to him being kicked out of his home and being alone in the world with no one to provide for him.

He has also been to multiple countries to write articles for magazines, seeing and living the same way the people he is accompanying lives. Parks got to walk around the cities and countries he stayed in, witnessing poverty everywhere, especially in third world countries.

In addition, Pathos is a communication and literary technique that arouses passionate emotions. He tossed in a chunk of lye soap and ordered each child to wash up. He tries to express this to his American readers by showing them how other countries save everything they have, while we use what we want then throw away the rest.

He also shows the magazine subscribers how people live in slums, favelas, and third world countries. Also, Parks also uses imagery to try and help paint a picture of what he is seeing in the favela, that way the audience can also envision the surroundings.

By detailing the surrounding area in his article, he paints a picture for his audience of what the favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, looks like.

By giving his audience a sense of what the area looks like, he further draws them to his cause because if the government or the subscribers help cure third world countries of poverty, no one has to experience this let alone live in it.

Also, Word Choice is always an important aspect of any writing piece, not just articles. With proper word choice you can express the point of any writing piece. Elite writers are almost always successful in their word choice, and Parks is no different.

Parks uses expressive, graphic, vivid, and colorful diction to express his point. His point in the article he wrote regarding Flavio de Silva was to have the government connect emotionally to kids in ghettos, slums, and favelas so that the government would act on solving the problem of poverty.

flavios home by gordon parks essay help

In the closed torment of that pitiful shack, he was waging a hopeless battle against starvation. In this quote Parks tries to get the audience to connect with not only Flavio and the da Silva children, but all impoverished children.

He also tries to get the audience to join his cause by briefly describing Flavio and the house his family lives in. Gordon Parks wrote this article to provoke a response from the readers to help impoverished families like the da Silvas and succeeded.

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Without the help of the Parks or the subscribers, Flavio and the da Silvas could very well be dead right now.Gordon had followed him home and his essay focused on the year-old Brazilian boy to personalize the story of South America's deplorable poverty.

In one bed, five of the da Silva's eight. The Aftermath. With the financial help of Life readers, the da Silva family moved out of their ramshackle dwelling into a proper house, and Flavio traveled to Denver to receive treatment for his asthma.

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Parks, who accompanied Flavio from Brazil to Denver, published photographs that document Flavio’s recovery in a second photo essay on July 21, His heart, lungs and teeth are all bad All that at the ripe old age of twelve.”() This quote is from an essay, titled Flavio’s Home, written by Gordon Parks, in his autobiography, Voices in the Mirror, published in Flavio’s Home is an essay taken from the autobiography of Gordon Parks, a photographer for Life magazine.

In it, Parks illuminates the appalling poverty within Catacumbia, a favela (Brazilian Portuguese for slum) on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. Flavio's Home by Gordon Parks Essay by tb0mb, College, Undergraduate, A+, November download word file, 3 pages download word file, 3 pages 1 votes3/5(1).

Analysis of Flavios Home by Gordon Parks Essay - Introduction In the article “Flavios Home ”, Gordon Parks talks of how Flavio, a 12 year old living in poverty and experiencing the harsh times that comes with it has to take care of his brothers and sisters.

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