Econ 4531 prob 2 solutions

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Econ 4531 prob 2 solutions

Econ 4531 prob 2 solutions

The objectives of the research are: Ozone in the Lower Mainland may be pictured as being restricted laterally by the mountain ranges surrounding Vancouver, and vertically by stagnant high pressure systems.

The highest levels of ozone occur during spring and summer coinciding with the most active season for many crops. Potatoes are one of the economically important crops in the Lower Mainland known to be sensitive to ozone.

Potato tuber weight reductions are estimated to have reached This model assumes the price in the B.

Econ 4531 prob 2 solutions

Thus, all policy relevent welfare changes affect producers' quasi-rent alone. Sensitivity of the model to import price, and the price elasticity of supply is tested.

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A range of welfare estimates is reported for a variety of ambient ozone loadings. The total damages to potato producers, assuming all regions of B. A peak occurred in at 2.

Damages may be overestimated because percent of potato production takes place outside the Lower Mainland, Abbotsford often appears to receive higher ambient ozone loadings than other regions, and not all potato cultivars grown in the Lower Mainland are as sensitive to ozone as that employed here.

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However, there are also reasons to be cautious over discounting these estimates as too large. Potato response to ozone is restricted to tuber weight reductions while other important effects may include increased plant stress and damage to crop quality.

In addition, missing air quality information for some years and stations, suggests that actual ozone dose could be higher than calculated.Simulation WILEY SERIES IN PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS APPLIED PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS SECTION Established by WALTER A.

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