Discussion in human sacrifice

Police in the eastern Indian state of Bihar on Friday dug up the remains of two teenage girls alleged to have been killed by their father in a ritual human sacrifice earlier this week. Kishor Kunal, a police official at Runisaidpur in Sitamarhi district, km north of state capital Patna, said year-old Renu Kumari and year-old Anu Kumari were killed with a sword and then their limbs were cut into pieces.

Discussion in human sacrifice

Human sacrifice in Africa Author's Subject: Human sacrifice in Africa Date Written: Tuesday, 27 January Date Posted: Wed, 27 Jan I have already looked at some of the sources, i. I will pursue the rest in due course. Clearly, human sacrifices occurred in pre-colonial Africa the period I am interested the most about.

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What is at issue is their frequency, magnitude and purpose. As I said in my initial query, at the moment I am very much interested about rituals of human sacrifice related to war.

I would like to organize a panel for the ASA Conference in New Orleans to discuss how in pre-colonial Africa wars were more than mere clashes of arms. Wars were as much fought on the field of battle as on the spiritual terrain. To what extent was human sacrifice intended to propitiate the gods to ensure victory?

To what extent was human sacrifice performed as thanksgiving after winning a war? Where war captives formed the bulk of sacrificial victims were they sacrificed to sanctify the gods of their victors?

These are just some of the questions panelists could chose to address. I intend to present on the role of divine and supernatural intervention in war in Asante.

If anyone would like to be!Since the publication of the essay by Henri Hubert and Marcel Mauss much of the discussion has been devoted to a search for the definition of sacrifice.


SACRIFICE. i. IN ZOROASTRIANISM. of sacrifice among peoples of the world is not due to some fundamental human trait which fulfills a fundamental human need. Sacrifice is a flexible. A study of this topic would not be complete without analyzing the sacrifice of Isaac, so we’ll work through that, then move into a short discussion of what the ancient Jewish writers had to say about human sacrifice.

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Gaming with Gronan. Community. Leaders of Derby Cathedral, an Anglican church in England, say they are allowing their building to be used to screen films showing full female nudity, human sacrifice and graphic sex.

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Discussion in human sacrifice

@Yannis - Mostly agreeing with Lohoris. I get the impression that the people arguing against the existence of Blood Eagle tend to further argue that there isn't a lot of objective evidence that the Vikings engaged in ritual human sacrifice at all (unless you count trial-by-combat).

At least that was the impression I got from Hutton. Human sacrifice was an aspect of historical Aztec culture/religion, although the extent of the practice is debated by scholars. The Spaniards who first met the Aztecs explicitly stated in their writings that human sacrifice was widely practiced in Mesoamerica.

Discussion of primary sources.

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