America needs bilingual programs essay

Steven Gold Michigan State University Abstract The current research will be conducted by reviewing existing theories and data in support and critique of bilingual education programs that are paired with social transition programs in the United States.

America needs bilingual programs essay

Psychology[ edit ] A study in has shown that using a foreign language reduces decision-making biases. It was surmised that the framing effect disappeared when choices are presented in a foreign tongue. As human reasoning is shaped by two distinct modes of thought: Therefore, those who speak two languages have better critical thinking and decision making skills.

The utilitarian option was chosen more often in the fat man case when presented in a foreign language. However, there was no difference in the switch track case. It was surmised that a foreign language lacks the emotional impact of one's native language.

List of multilingual countries and regions A bilingual sign in Brusselsthe capital of Belgium. In Brussels, both Dutch and French are official languages. At the top are Portuguese and Chinesewhich are the official languages of Macau, while at the bottom are Japanese and Englishwhich are common languages used by tourists English is also one of Hong Kong's two official languages.

Almost all railway stations in India have signs like these in three or more languages English, Hindi and the local language.

 · Bilingual programs, which have grown increasingly rare in recent years, offer great affordances in easing the implementation of the New Standards because teaching and learning, particularly in the content area, occur in the language in which the student is  · In Gadsden and other communities, the challenge moving forward will be to build bilingual programs that strike the right balance between acceptance and America Needs Bilingual Programs Essay — Argumentative Argumentative Persuasive Topics – America Needs Bilingual Programs. Bilingual Education Act Essay – Bilingual education is defined as involving the use of two languages as media of intrusions (May, )

Multilingual sign at Vancouver International Airportinternational arrivals area. Text in English, French, and Chinese is a permanent feature of this sign, while the right panel of the sign is a video screen that rotates through additional languages.

Three or four languages are shown: While Filipinos themselves are anglophonesuch signs cater to the growing number of Koreans and other foreigners in the country.

A Train name found in South India written in four languages: Kannada, Hindi, Tamil and English.

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Boards like this are common on trains which pass through two or more states where the languages spoken are different. Multilingualism was common in the past: Some states can have multilingual policies and recognize several official languages, such as Canada English and French. In some states, particular languages may be associated with particular regions in the state e.

When all speakers are multilingual, linguists classify the community according to the functional distribution of the languages involved: Typical diglossic areas are those areas in Europe where a regional language is used in informal, usually oral, contexts, while the state language is used in more formal situations.

Some writers limit diglossia to situations where the languages are closely related, and could be considered dialects of each other. This can also be observed in Scotland where, in formal situations, English is used.

However, in informal situations in many areas, Scots is the preferred language of choice.

America needs bilingual programs essay

A similar phenomenon is also observed in Arabic-speaking regions. The effects of diglossia could be seen in the difference between written Arabic Modern Standard Arabic and colloquial Arabic.

However, as time goes, the Arabic language somewhere between the two have been created what some have deemed "Middle Arabic" or "Common Arabic".

Because of this diversification of the language, the concept of spectroglossia [41] has been suggested. In a typical ambilingual area it is nearly impossible to predict which language will be used in a given setting. True ambilingualism is rare. Ambilingual tendencies can be found in small states with multiple heritages like Luxembourgwhich has a combined Franco-Germanic heritage, or Malaysia and Singaporewhich fuses the cultures of MalaysChinaand India or communities with high rates of deafness like Martha's Vineyard where historically most inhabitants spoke both MVSL and English or in southern Israel where locals speak both ABSL and either Arabic or Hebrew.

Ambilingualism also can manifest in specific regions of larger states that have both a clearly dominant state language be it de jure or de facto and a protected minority language that is limited in terms of distribution of speakers within the country.

This tendency is especially pronounced when, even though the local language is widely spoken, there is a reasonable assumption that all citizens speak the predominant state tongue e. Canada; Spanish in Catalonia vs. This phenomenon can also occur in border regions with many cross-border contacts. An example of this is the Balkans.

In cases of an unspecified number of languages, the terms polyglossia, omnilingualism, and multipart-lingualism are more appropriate. Multilingualism between different language speakers[ edit ] Whenever two people meet, negotiations take place.

If they want to express solidarity and sympathy, they tend to seek common features in their behavior. If speakers wish to express distance towards or even dislike of the person they are speaking to, the reverse is true, and differences are sought.

This mechanism also extends to language, as described in the Communication Accommodation Theory.Bilingualism is the ability to speak two languages.

America needs bilingual programs essay

Bilingual Education is being taught school subjects in two different languages. The United States is home to millions of  · Bilingual Education, the Acquisition of English, and the Retention and Loss of Spanish* by Stephen Krashen University of Southern California According to many reports in the media, the war between English-only advocates and supporters of bilingual education is a war between rational people who think children should acquire English and irrational fanatics who think children should be  · Benefits of a Bilingual Education.

Kars4Kids is a nationally-recognized (c)3 nonprofit organization that funds educational and youth programs including afterschool and extracurricular programs, summer camps, mentorship and tutoring. Kars4Kids Smarter Parenting Proudly powered by The Importance of Bilingual Education in America Essay Some students are fortunate enough to be offered English as a Second Language classes (abbreviated ESL) or bilingual programs in school that bilingual Marquez 2 education is a sound educational proposition for all children and that it addresses the needs of all the constituencies of  · In Gadsden and other communities, the challenge moving forward will be to build bilingual programs that strike the right balance between acceptance and  · America Needs Bilingual Programs Essay - America Needs Bilingual Programs As a lighthouse stands against the storm, its tireless beacon showing the way to safe harbor, so too does America stand in an increasingly dark and turbulent

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