A personal dream of becoming an elementary school teacher

The elementary education field gives motivated teachers a chance to connect on a personal level with countless students, and, with that, the opportunity to lead children into the rest of their lives. And elementary education professionals make a good living; according to the U. Sample Courses Courses vary from program-to-program, but students of elementary education can expect to take general education requirements that are expected of most students, as well as a set number of upper division credits that pertain specifically to elementary education. Upper division courses may include the following:

A personal dream of becoming an elementary school teacher

Career Advice 0 Pro: What you do for a living really matters. Teaching children the skills they need to become successful adults is a rewarding experience. You will see the difference that you make on a daily basis.

Your job will be different from what your high school colleagues do. You will have to deal with different issues and challenges than what high school teachers encounter due to the young age of your students. Your job will include teaching them basic social skills and explaining simple things as patiently as possible.

Students are more enthusiastic. Most elementary students love school and really look forward to going to school every day. They are very curious about things and will be eager to learn.

It is up to you to keep your students motivated and to help them channel their enthusiasm and energy. There is a lot to do.

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In most elementary schools, teachers spend the entire day with their students and you might not have any time to prepare.

You will find that you are busy throughout the entire day and that you will have to do most of the prep work at home during the evenings and weekends.

You will get vacation time. As a teacher, you will always have breaks during the summer and throughout the year with different holidays. You will not find any other job that can guarantee the same breaks.

You can seek another job for the summer or choose to spend this time with your own children. Most parents think that they always know what is best. Dealing with parents is not always easy and you will probably run into some parents who refuse to cooperate.

Some parents will even blame you for the poor performance or behavior of their child. Managing a classroom is not difficult.Aug 05,  · I have been a secondary maths teacher, a middle school maths and science teacher, an upper primary teacher, a supply teacher, a KS1 teacher and am soon to be an EYFS teacher.

I also held a huge range of middle leader posts and some LA advisory and leadership posts as well. Becoming an Elementary School Teacher.

While the standards for teaching can vary on a state-by-state basis, teachers in elementary schools are required to fulfill basic educational requirements.

Elementary School teachers are required to have at least a Bachelor’s degree. My Dream Job: Becoming An Elementary School Teacher - Varsity Tutors Scholarship Essay Ever since I was 6 years old, I have dreamed about becoming an elementary school teacher.

Growing up, I always saw the countless accomplishments my teachers had made and admired their enthusiasm to inspire students to learn. My dream has always been to become an elementary school teacher. My parents have always told me that was my gift, and I definitely feel it is too.

I took my basics and graduated from Calhoun Community College and then transferred to Athens State University. Those with a bachelor’s degree in another subject can still become elementary education teachers. They must complete a teacher’s education program to obtain certification to teach.

Kindergarten and elementary school teachers Librarians help people find information and conduct research for personal and professional use.

A personal dream of becoming an elementary school teacher

Their job Work experience in related occupation: None. A teacher is not what I have always wanted to be. As a matter of fact, it wasn't until I had taken several of my general studies classes that I made a commitment to teach.

Having played football through middle school and high school, I just assumed that whatever I did would have to be related to.

How to Become an Elementary School Teacher - A Career Guide - Elementary Education Degree