A kind of revolution

Revolutions, which are the result of the crisis in its most extreme form, involve the overthrow not merely of the government but of the political order itself. Typically, a revolution is preceded by a series of strains within the system:

A kind of revolution

A Kind of Revolution The American victory over the British army was made possible by the existence of an already- armed people.

A People’s History of the United States

Just about every white male had a gun, and could shoot. The Revolutionary leadership distrusted the mobs of poor. But they knew the Revolution had no appeal to slaves and Indians. They would have to woo the armed white population. This was not easy. Yes, mechanics and sailors, some others, were incensed against the British.

A kind of revolution

But general enthusiasm for the war was not strong. While much of the white male population went into military service at one time or another during the war, only a small fraction stayed.

John Shy, in his study of the Revolutionary army A People Numerous and Armedsays they "grew weary of being bullied by local committees of safety, by corrupt deputy assistant commissaries of supply, and by bands of ragged strangers with guns in their hands calling themselves soldiers of the Revolution.

John Adams had estimated a third opposed, a third in support, a third neutral. Alexander Hamilton, an aide of George Washington and an up-and-coming member of the new elite, wrote from his headquarters: They are determined not to be free.

A kind of revolution

If we are saved, France and Spain must save us. South Carolina, insecure since the slave uprising in Stono incould hardly fight against the British; her militia had to be used to keep slaves under control.

The men who first joined the colonial militia were generally "hallmarks of respectability or at least of full citizenship" in their communities, Shy says. Excluded from the militia were friendly Indians, free Negroes, white servants, and free white men who had no stable home.

But desperation led to the recruiting of the less respectable whites. Massachusetts and Virginia provided for drafting "strollers" vagrants into the militia. In fact, the military became a place of promise for the poor, who might rise in rank, acquire some money, change their social status.

Here was the traditional device by which those in charge of any social order mobilize and discipline a recalcitrant population-offering the adventure and rewards of military service to get poor people to fight for a cause they may not see clearly as their own.

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A wounded American lieutenant at Bunker Hill, interviewed by Peter Oliver, a Tory who admittedly might have been looking for such a responsetold how he had joined the rebel forces: When this Rebellion came on, I saw some of my Neighbors got into Commission, who were no better than myself.

T was asked to enlist, as a private Soldier I offered to enlist upon having a Lieutenants Commission; which was granted. I imagined my self now in a way of Promotion: John Shy investigated the subsequent experience of that Bunker Hill lieutenant.“Why We Revolt is a triumph.

It speaks honestly and knowledgeably about the faults of “industrial medicine.” Montori, a doctor, citizen, and poet, has produced a wonderful and meaningful book that deserves widespread attention.

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In a global scenario called Low Energy Demand, a revolution in consumer energy efficiency could help us meet our climate goals. Could.

A Kind of Revolution